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In the middle of Covid-19, top-notch office and house sanitation services

The world at post-COVID-19 will be different. Let’s call that the new normal, Call at – +91-8076814979, +91-7503294704, +91-8750317569- or mail us at –

but are you willing to face it?

One glaring difference in the modern world is that from now on, our public areas, houses, and industrial sites will need regular, deep sanitation. Pest control has to be exercised, too.

GMS brings better disinfection and comprehensive sanitization facilities

to your doorstep in Delhi, along with pest control solutions. Our goal is to keep your home, office, schools, hospitals or industrial space  bacteria, virus, and pest-free through ULV anti-microbial sanitization services, and office disinfection services in Delhi.In Delhi, we are a top business for home and workplace sanitization services. We care about our patrons, their health, space cleaning, and the requirements for disinfection. BEST SANITIZER MANUFACTURER IN INDIA

Our professionals in the sanitization services are well trained, thorough, and respect your privacy. Free from the fear of viral and bacterial infestation, your space should be your haven and we aim to give you that peace of mind and complete protection.

It does not suffice to dust twice a week. It is evident today that viruses are not concerned with weekly home cleanses or monthly commercial Sanitization. The sanitization measures suggested by the governments and medical associations cover, along with self-hygiene, home, and office sanitation.

So, you have to ask, “Why can’t we do Sanitization ourselves?” You can actually use disinfectants to clean your home and workplace, but deep and full sanitization, the need for the hour, needs the latest machines and expertise in technology.

How do you need qualified Sanitization at home/office / commercial space 

Profound Sanitization

In Noida, Delhi, and Gurugram, gms offers comprehensive disinfection services. Every wall, nook, and corner is carefully cleaned and sanitized by the professionals. No spot missing. Air-misting guarantees clean surfaces and tidy nooks, accompanied by complete wipe-down of high-touch surfaces. Use of certified, hospital-grade disinfectant

The disinfectants used by the office and house sanitizing services of gms are certified by the competent bodies and approved for effective disinfection. The products that are being used are not readily available on the market and are considered hospital grade.

Sanitizer sachet

 Highly effective

Professional sanitization of home , office, and commercial space is highly effective and result-oriented. You don’t have to be obsessive about cleanliness, invest in a professional office and house sanitizing services, you just need to take care of yourself and the people you interact with / meet on a daily basis.

What are you choosing us?

1. GMS is one of the few companies with a licensed Coronavirus sanitization qualification, the must-have quality that these days separates decent Sanitization and cleaning services from others.

2. We agree that clean, comprehensive disinfection does not affect our environment, so we are proud to give our customers eco-friendly sanitizing services.

3. We have industry-trained technicians and ten years of sanitization services experience; the virus may be new but we can help you fight it with years of experience and knowledge on our side.

4. After successful and efficient service provision is completed, we provide a sanitization certificate.

We serve industries:

Sanitation services at home

Many of us are at home these days, and our homes require comprehensive cleaning and disinfection to help with certain dangerous viruses, bacteria, and dust or pest-related problems. Gms offers qualified home sanitization facilities in NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad in Delhi. Our services are high quality, cost-effective, sensitive, and.

Sanitizing Office Services

While some office spaces are gradually open, others were open through the storm Covid-19, serving men, weathering the storm. These offices had to implement strict, daily, sometimes even hourly disinfection services in both cases, however.

Industrial services to Sanitization

Factory floors and commercial spaces such as shops, cafes, restaurants will see the most traffic all-day long and will require the deepest and most frequent Sanitization and cleaning to keep up with Coronavirus’s advent. At GMS, we recognize this evolving need and offer comprehensive deep cleaning and disinfection services in Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad for factory spaces. If you are still uncertain about investing in our services due to the current pandemic, know we take Covid-19 very seriously; our professionals and we are completely prepared to roll out.

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Here is how to:

  • We get our office sanitized every 3 hours.
  • Each employee must undergo compulsory daily temperature screening.
  • Our technicians and supervisors sanitize their packs, bikes, and equipment every 3 hours.
  • The professionals involved thoroughly sanitize themselves prior to and after each visit.
  • Each technician and supervisor uses PPE at all times, including masks, gloves, shoe coverings, caps/hair covers.
  • GMS is seen in Delhi as a renowned company for home and office sanitization services.
  • Our quality, customer satisfaction, and the prices on the market are unparalleled. Please feel free to contact us or offer a look at our services.


GMS Your Office Building, Residence, or School clean and disinfect. Construction Our GMS facilities of sanitation, sanitization, and disinfection are given with the appropriate. The solution approved for bactericidal disinfectants by the World Health Organization and CDE standard. Products will demonstrate a germ kill rate of 99.9 percent within 5 minutes of touch to meet this norm. That means they have been tested against a variety of viruses and have been proven effective and non-toxic.

They can be applied safely to all kinds of surfaces, effectively reducing infection risk. Realizing the importance of containing COVID-19 spread, we have developed a service that is based on WHO guidelines.

To Clean-

Soap and water use to disinfect surfaces. Conduct regular washing of frequently touched surfaces. High-touch surfaces include chairs, door buttons, light switches, Countertops, handles, desks, telephones, keyboards, toilets, sink, etc.

Office Sanitization-

Our technician fills a Sanitizing use gel for a machine tank with a disinfecting solution in the form of microscopic droplets, which is released into the air.

This way, all surfaces within the space are evenly disinfected, even the most secluded areas. This specialist disinfection service is used for industrial, residential, school/college, health care, and government buildings.

Sanitizer Sachet Manufacturer in Delhi

Note:- It is important to control COVID-19 spread.

The only measures that can be taken right now to limit the spread of the virus are proper sanitization and following the recommended guidelines.

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